Alissia Quaintance 

Digital Innovation Strategist

Alissia Quaintance is a specialist for digital product development and new ways of working. At IQ Gemini she structures and facilitates creative workshops and programs for team alignment and creative collaboration for corporate teams in cultural transformation processes.

She enables organizations to seize the unique human potential to creatively collaborate in groups and enter into a successful project execution. 


With expert insights from her network of social- and cognitive scientists, anthropologist, movement specialists, and world leading technologists, Alissia enters into a dialog about future workspaces shared with intelligent machines.

Alissia applies nearly ten years of experience working at automotive companies like Volkswagen and BMW and leading an award-winning innovation studio as the Executive Director EMEA at Vectorform in Munich.With this professional background, combined with a drive to transform human collaboration in organization, Alissia offers an original perspective on the modern virtual- and augmented reality and artificial intelligence movement.


Her portfolio spans multiple showcases including Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Home & Energy, Connected Car, Wearable Technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Kimo Quaintance, PhD

Education Strategist

Kimo Quaintance is a social scientist, speaker, and writer whose work explores the exciting and often difficult relationship between people and technology. His mission is helping people unlock their potential and share their unique gifts through critical thinking and creative expression. 


He holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and has nearly 20 years of research, corporate and university teaching experience in the United States, China, Scotland and Germany. He is especially gifted at facilitating creative, playful workshops that access deep collective intelligence.


He has conducted and co-published research on the economic power of digital social networks in East Africa, and has been researching human-machine interaction, and the psychological impact of virtual reality for the past six years, in cooperation with university research groups and global subject matter experts.


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